Over the past 33 years Iíve helped many hundreds of home buyers and sellers turn their dreams into reality.  I started my real estate career with a small company called Southwind Realty.  During the next three decades the name of that office changed five times.  So, my clients might have thought I moved around a lot.  But it was mostly the company moving around while I stayed put. 


In February of 2013 I made a huge change. I joined the new Windham Division of Coco, Early & Associates.  Now in its 15th year, Coco, Early & Associates is growing like wildfire.  It is the fastest growing real estate company in Southern NH and the Merrimack Valley.  We have a dynamic, close knit staff of professionals that work together to deliver the ultimate real estate experience.  The brand new Windham office is a place of high energy and beauty. It is a pleasure working there and welcoming my clients into its elegant environment.


I live in the "Rural OasisĒ of Windham, NH and I serve all of the nearby communities. I love assisting my clients whether they are moving up, down or sideways. Every clientís needs are different. Every property, every transaction has its own unique set of circumstances. I am a problem solver and I love unique situations.  Sometimes putting the pieces of a transaction together is like solving a multi-dimensional puzzle that requires out of the box thinking.  I welcome every challenge.  In spite of my many years of experience I still learn something new every day.


Besides selling houses Iíve also had my share of building them.  Along with a partner I owned Windham Homes, Inc., which specialized in the design and construction of quality, custom homes.  This experience and my love of home design are great assets when working with builders and new home buyers.  In addition, I have helped many clients visualize much needed remodeling projects.  I believe that I bring a lot of insight to the table. 

I welcome my clients, past and present and future, to call on me anytime for advice regarding any real estate related issue.  I look forward to working with you!